Real Estate and Urban Planning

Our services in this area are focused on comprehensive advice to developers, builders and other agents involved in the real estate market, as well as national and international investors, SOCIMIS (publicly traded investment companies in the real estate market) and individuals and companies interested in buying and selling real estate properties.


Bufete Marroquín offers legal support in all phases of the real estate and construction process, having extensive experience in the design, negotiation and execution of real estate operations and promotions, real estate sales and swaps, urban and rustic leases, contracted works execution, consulting technical, architectural, engineering, project management, as well as declarations of new construction, horizontal property, mortgage-registration law and, in general, in any legal business on real estate assets.


Likewise, in collaboration with the Litigation area, Bufete Marroquín has intervened in numerous court and out-of-court proceedings regarding the liability of building agents.


We also provide advice on issues related to obtaining and processing licenses, permits and changes of use, as well as all those issues arising from urban planning and execution.



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