Litigation, Mediation and Arbitration

From the Litigation, Mediation and Arbitration area, we provide solutions to all common law, commercial, administrative, tax or labor disputes raised by the client or against him, either out of court (pre-litigation phase) or in the court phase, both before the Courts of Justice and in Arbitration Courts.


Bufete Marroquín has extensive experience in this legal practice and is characterized by outstanding success in the resolution of disputes in which it provides advice, which results from the knowledge that our professionals have of the business’ and client’s needs and in the multidisciplinary nature of the Firm, which allows to have a transversal vision of the controversies and offer a global and innovative solution.


Our services in litigation practice stand out for covering all kinds of proceedings before the Civil, Commercial, Contentious-Administrative or Social Jurisdiction:


Civil Jurisdiction: family and inheritance processes; civil liability, contractual breaches and damages, claims for amounts, protection of fundamental rights and general contracting conditions; leases, evictions, retractions and issues derived from the Horizontal Property Law; work contracts, responsibility regarding  construction agents, among others.


Commercial Jurisdiction: corporate conflicts and liability of directors and liquidators, commercial contracts, mergers and acquisitions, competition law, or actions in the framework of declared insolvency.


Contentious-Administrative Jurisdiction: claims against the Public Administration derived from public procurement or extra-contractual liability of the State institutions and tax procedures before the Regional Economic-Administrative Court (TEAR) and before the Central Economic-Administrative Court (TEAC).


Social Jurisdiction: we represent companies, workers and senior managers in all types of labor procedures.



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