Common Law, Family and Inheritances

The Common Law area, with an important tradition in the Firm, provides services to both natural and legal persons, in application of Common Law, with special attention to Catalan common Law or other Regional Common Law systems coexisting in the Spanish territory.


The Firm has proven experience in this legal practice, advising on obligations and contracts, contractual and extra-contractual liability, property rights, property communities and, in general, everything concerning relationships between individuals. Likewise, it is worth highlighting, due to its specialty, the dedication in this area to:


Inheritance Law: inheritances (wills, assingment of the inheritance, legitimate, resignations, etc.), inheritance agreements, inheritance of the family business, estate planning, and, in general, advice and guidance to the client in the adequate preparation of provisions prepearing its inheritance.


Family Law: marriage agreements, stable coexistence of a couple, separations and divorces (contentious and by mutual agreement) with dissolution of the marriage’s property regime and liquidation of the common property, family maintenance, modifications on divorce and separation agreements, execution of court’s rulings in this matter, legal incapacitation and legal guardianship, guardianship and curatorship, among others.


Contact of the Practice Area: